2015-2016 Charitable Support





Zonta International Service Fund

Helping women in developing countries has been a passion of Zontians since the organization was founded in 1919. Today, Zonta’s International Service Program continues to help women in developing countries improve their legal, political, economic, educational and health status. Through funding from the Zonta International Foundation, the Program has provided training, education, health, sanitation, agricultural and micro-credit assistance to women, primarily through projects implemented by the agencies of the United Nations and other recognized nongovernmental organizations. During the 2014-2016 Biennium, three projects are being supported by the International Service Fund:

  1. Towards Elimination of Obstetric Fistula and Reduction of Maternal and Newborn Mortality in Liberia
  2. Working Toward an HIV-Free Generation Effective Prevention and Response to Gender-Based Violence in Rwanda
  3. Gender Responsive Schools Pilot Model

Zonta International Strategies to End Violence Against Women Program (ZISVAW)

Globally, gender-based violence is the most pervasive and least recognized human rights violation. Rooted in inequality, it affects women of every race, class, culture, ethnicity, age and country. Zonta International strives to promote and protect the human rights of all women and girls and reduce the incidence of violence through the Zonta International Strategies to End Violence Against Women (ZISVAW) Program by:

  1. Supporting prevention and advocacy strategies locally and internationally.
  2. Awarding grants to United Nations agencies or recognized NGOs for projects that seek to change personal and/or political knowledge, attitudes and behavior contributing to gender-based violence.
  3. Increasing awareness and actions related to preventing violence against women by encouraging Zonta club involvement in local and national advocacy initiatives and service projects.

Since the program’s inception in 1999, more than US$3.5 million has been provided to support 43 projects in 33 countries. During the 2014-2016 Biennium, two projects are being supported by the ZISVAW Fund:

Respecting the Rights and Responding to the Needs of Adolescent Girls in Niger

Voices Against Violence: Non-Formal Education Curriculum for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts on Ending Violence against Women and Girls

Find out more about ZI’s International projects online here.

Trampled Rose
The Trampled Rose mission is to keep girls in school in Ethiopia by providing housing, food, health care, school supplies, menstrual care supplies and uniforms. Girls + Education = Hope for the Future. This year 373 girls are being supported. Begun by a local woman, Becky Kiser, in 2003 the organization has now helped 6,500 young women. Zonta members have participated financially and some have traveled to Ethiopia to see the program in operation and help with efforts.
Young Women in Public Affairs Award
The goal of the Zonta International Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Program is to encourage young women (16-19) to participate in public and political life by recognizing a commitment to the volunteer sector, evidence of volunteer leadership achievements and a dedication to the advancement of the status of women. Our local winner’s information will be submitted to the district level for consideration of the district award with the possibility of still another award at the international level of the organization. Find out more:
ZI link
$ 2,000
International Total: $10,084

Zonta Initiatives:  
Launching Families A local effort within our club, the caring volunteers of “Launching Families” create a support system during the “transitioning years” for youth who grew up in the El Paso County foster system. On their own for the first time, they lack the basic things that most 18 year olds take for granted: advice from someone with experience, encouragement, roots, and emotional support when the going gets tough. Find out more about this incredible program at: https://zontapikespeak.org/launching/ $300
Zonta Wings
One gap in services to victims of human trafficking is that of transportation. Often a rescued victim is in danger of being re recruited through physical and/or emotional coercion if she remains in the local community. Zonta Wings, in conjunction with the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado, provides emergency transportation resources. Find out more at: https://zontapikespeak.org/donate/
Zonta Scholar (Karen Possehl Women’s Endowment)
The Zonta Scholar Program provides scholarship funding and mentoring support to a non-traditional woman student (age 25 or older) as she pursues a college degree through UCCS. These talented and deserving women are overcoming challenges with the help of supportive mentors, enrichment activities designed to meet their unique needs, and financial support to allow them to focus on their academic lives. Read more at UCCS/kpwe
$ 5,000
Total Zonta Initiatives: $6,000

Local Nonprofits:  
Leadership Pikes Peak – Women’s Community Leadership Initiative
The Women’s Community Leadership Initiative (WCLI) offers up to 30 women the chance to unlock their potential to make a difference through knowing their community better, meeting community leaders and understanding local channels of decision making, and practicing and refining their own leadership skills. WCLI is open to women of diverse backgrounds and is offered from January to June with tuition covered by the program. More information is available at http://www.leadershippikespeak.org/wcli/
Women’s Resource Agency – InterCept Program
InterCept is a leadership program for at-risk girls in Harrison School District Two that teaches girls to make healthy life choices. This school-based prevention program for 8th through 12th grade girls focuses on building leadership skills and positive relationships by addressing such topics as depression, suicide and self-injury, goal setting, substance abuse, anger management, relational aggression/bullying between girls, intimate partner violence/domestic violence, healthy relationships, nutrition and wellness, abstinence-based sex education, community resources and much more.
More information is available at http://www.wrainc.org/teens.html

TESSA’s mission is to help women and their children achieve safety and wellbeing while challenging communities to end sexual and family violence. Their agency provides a confidential Safehouse, victim advocacy, counseling and children’s programs, a 24/7 crisis line, and community outreach and education. Through these efforts TESSA strives nto realize their vision of a community free from personal violence for all. More information is available at https://www.tessacs.org/about-us

Centro de la Familia The mission of Centro de la Familia is to be a cultural anchor for Hispanic/Latino families by providing an array of services in order to assist them in meeting the challenges of and successfully adapting to living in a new and diverse culture. Programs include services to Hispanic women and their children who are victims of domestic violence as well as counseling and advocacy for mental health, emotional, behavioral or crisis-oriented challenges. More information is available at http://centro.ws/programs.htm

Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado The mission of the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado is to build a collaboration of organizations and individuals to reduce human suffering caused by human trafficking, through advocacy, awareness, rehabilitation, and services for survivors. Founded in 2008, the Task Force has strong ties to our club (and actually grew out of it!). We are excited to continue to support their efforts. Read more about them at: http://ht-colorado.org/about.html $1,500
Local Nonprofits
Total: $7,500
Total Disbursement $23,584