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February 2002 Newsletter
Volume II, Issue 2

In This Issue:
Ponderings from the Prez
Inspire 2001 - In Pursuit of the Dream
Buy your Zonta Shirts!
Member Spotlight
YWPA Winner Update
Statistics on the Status of Women
Dates to Remember


from Kris Wells

Hello Ladies!

"A vigorous walk will do more for an unhappy, but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world." Paul Dudley White

I think Paul's right. (even though he is a man). No matter how cold or miserable I am, after a brisk walk I feel better. I love to walk, and it's even more special when I walk with my favorite people, chatting about everything and nothing - from world crises to party centerpieces. Heed Paul's advice - take a walk - or better yet, invite a fellow Zontian to go along - you could earn a sticker!

The ZIPper program is flourishing! The Zonta Incentive Program is a huge hit, and that means you're working on behalf of the Zonta mission. We had a four way tie at the January meeting - Eva, Pam, Kate and Betty each earned SEVEN stickers. You're all doing kind deeds. Keep up the good work!

It was a thrill to see so many at our January meeting, including three guests and a warm Zonta welcome to Mary Louise Clay, a transfer from the Prowers County club. Since I started our Guest Book in January, 2001 we've had 22 guests attend our activities. Eva holds the record with 8, I've had 5, and Betty, Gail Piper, Kate and Pam have all had two visitors while Liz had one guest. Our next meeting on February 18 would be a perfect one for guests. Our speaker is Debbie Hinden-King, the International Relations/United Nations chair for District 12. She'll talk about Zonta's relationship with the United Nations. Zonta is the largest NGO (non-governmental organization) with consultative status with the UN. We've invited the other three clubs in our area, so we hope to have a big turnout. Come, bring a guest and break Eva's record!

Also that night Pam will take orders for long-stemmed yellow roses, the Zonta symbol. The color yellow cheers and commands. It stimulates appetites, conversation and charity - just like Zonta! We can buy roses for $1 each. Our March meeting will emphasize International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8. So think about who you would like to honor and thank. We all have mentors, colleagues, and fellow coworkers who inspire us every day. Others buy nuts and attend the fashion show to support Zonta's goals. Let's celebrate women. Bring $1 for each rose you order; they'll be delivered to you at the March 18 meeting.

From Bette Midler's The Rose:
... just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed that with the sun's love
in the spring becomes the rose.
Lyrics by Amanda McBroom

I hope you plan a year in which everything you want to do may happen and a dream or two may come true. Remember: Don't wait for good things to happen - make them happen!


Quote of the Month
That's what it takes to be a hero, a little gem of innocence inside you that makes you want to believe that there still exists a right and wrong, that decency will somehow triumph in the end.
-- Lise Hand, describing the late Irish journalist Veronica Guerin

Inspire 2001 - In Pursuit of the Dream

(A new breed of business seminars)
November 7, 2001
Colorado Springs World Arena

by Gail J. Piper

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf was one of several speakers that spoke at The Inspire Company's first business forum. His topic was, Do Ethics Count Anymore? He spoke to share the importance of good character, values, ethics, morality, and integrity. Bobbi Hamilton, Mary Louise Clay, and I attended this event.
Following are some excerpts from his speech.
General Schwarzkopf told us that he learned his biggest lessons on leadership at the Pentagon not in Viet Nam. He refers to the Pentagon as the largest adult day care center in the world. It was here that he learned, from a superior, to make decisions according to Rule 13 and Rule 14. The descriptions of these two rules will be noted later.
Now for some of the notes that I took:
Our image is how people see us. His image, by some, is seen as an individual in uniform.
Everyone is a leader somewhere: church, home, community, or business.
Great leaders are usually ordinary people in extra ordinary times.
He referred to the "Griz Principle of Leadership". Griz, an eighteen pound daschund, is the leader over Orso their ninety pound German Shepherd.
Think of yourself as a leader.
Leadership, according to Webster, is someone who leads. Leadership doesn't have a satisfactory definition.
Leadership isn't "managership". Not all managers are good leaders.
The goal is to inspire people to willingly do what they not do.
In a group of three or more people one leader will emerge.
Leadership takes confidence-yet more important is character.
Look at the past one hundred years and the failures of character in people, Wall Street, Olympics.
Poll states that 75% of workers lie to their bosses.......they say their bosses lie to them.
In crises times people chose or choose leaders with character. Leaders must have the highest set of standards.
Leaders won't always be loved but they must be respected. They must make things happen, take responsibility, delegate authority not responsibility.
Leaders will experience a series of emotional peaks and valleys.
Look for the Rear Rank Rudys in life........this is the guy that's out of step.
He will be the encourager!
True rewards of leadership come from leadership itself.
Inevitably, as a leader, you will get knocked off the "pyramid".
The secrets of twenty first century leadership are:
Rule 13-when placed in command-take charge.
Rule 14- Do what's right.
An example of Rule #14 is service people saying good-bye to their families. How many children asked them if they would be home for Christmas? They do this for their country because it is what is right.
General Schwarzkopf completed his speech by saluting the American Flag.

Gail: Thank you for sharing this important and interesting information. -Editor

Last Chance to Buy a Zonta Shirt!

As most of you know, we need to order 12 shirts from Rayne Daze in order to get the price break Betty Edwards has negotiated from the company. At this point, we have eight shirts spoken for and need four more to make the next order. If we don't have those four, we'll return the checks to those who have already paid.

The following shirts are available (all with the "Zonta Club of the Pikes Peak Area" logo):

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Please let Kate Brewster (630-8801) know if you'd like to order a shirt prior to February 6th in order to take advantage of this wonderful deal.


by Kate Brewster

Pat Kosley is one of those rare native Coloradans whom we see interspersed amongst the citizens from everywhere else. Born and raised in Ramah, Pat belongs to one of the early pioneer families who made this state so special.

"My grandparents fled from Austria and made their way to Colorado in 1892, settling on a farm north of Ramah," said Pat. "They raised 12 children on that farm - my dad was the youngest."

One of Pat's brothers still lives on the original farm where he raises cattle. Her second brother lives in Wisconsin.

Pat's grandfather was born in 1861, the year President Lincoln took office. Because he lived to the ripe old age of 96, Pat was fortunate to be able to know and spend time with him until she was 21 years old. Because her grandparents continued to speak their native Czech, she was fluent in both English and Czech while she was growing up. Unfortunately, with no one to "practice" with, the fluency has waned as the years have gone by.

After graduating from high school, Pat attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins where she majored in business. She moved to Colorado Springs and worked at Central Colorado Bank for six years. She married her husband Chuck (they've been together for 45 years!), had four children, and focused on raising her family for 21 years. When her youngest child was 11, Pat began working as a bridal consultant at Penney's where she stayed for 3-1/2 years. Although she loved the job, it entailed working weekends, which interfered with children coming home from college. She decided to find a job which didn't include weekend work and applied at Western National Bank. She settled in as a personal banker for 17 years until her retirement in 1999.

Pat and Chuck's four children include:
Karen, who lives in Oklahoma City and works as a dietitian. Karen has two children.
Allen, who lives in Denver and works as a petroleum chemical engineer. He has three children, including twin boys.
Katherine lives in Colorado Springs and works as a medical technologist at Memorial Hospital. She has three children.
Kim lives in Monument and works as a part-time pharmacist at Penrose-St. Francis. She also has three children.

Pat and Chuck's 11 grandchildren are all under the age of 10, which sounds like a lot of fun!

When she's not enjoying those grandchildren of hers, Pat loves sewing, decorating cakes, reading, photography and scrapbooking. She joined Zonta approximately eight years ago and enjoys the camaraderie the club offers. She first heard of Zonta from a woman she served in the bank and attended several meetings before joining ("I just wondered if I would have time to do justice to this group.") She was drawn to the goal of working towards the betterment of women and children, and hasn't regretted her decision to become a part of the organization.

District 12 Information

Pikes Peak Area Club Information

YWPA Winner Update

by Kate Brewster

The following letter was sent to us from Joe Curnow, our 2001 YWPA scholarship winner. True to form, she remains as busy in college as she was in high school.

Dear Zonta,

I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to catch up with you over break - it flew by so quickly! Here's an update of life at Northwestern.

First of all, I absolutely love it! I have a fantastic group of friends and a lovely roommate. My classes were very good - I'm learning a lot of interesting stuff from brilliant professors. I took Organizational Theory, American Literature, Adult Development, and Revolution: Social Change, and this quarter I have the best schedule ever! I'm in Community Development, Social Policy, British Literature, and Writing with the Bible. It will be great!

I'm also involved in student body government, cycling team, national student partnership, and dance marathon (see information below). I'm doing an internship at Southside Red Cross. I'm responsible for youth leadership development in Chicago public schools. It is overwhelming, but SO exciting! I love it!

Overall, I'm doing very well and am so happy here. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Joe Curnow

(Joe is participating in the Northwestern University Dance Marathon 2002 in early March. She and her partner will join 500 students to dance for 30 hours in order to raise money for two charities: Friends for Steven (a foundation that supports ongoing research into treatments for neuroblastoma, a pediatric cancer which attacks the sympathetic nervous system) and the Evanston Community Foundation. In order to participate, Joe and her partner need to raise $2,000 by mid-February. If anyone in our club would like to help Joe reach her goal, please let Kate know as soon as possible and she will send the donations directly to her.)

Featured Links of the Month:
U.N. Division for the Advancement of Women
Letter from Zonta to U. N. High Commissioner for Human Rights

Women's status in 2001 tallied

from The Denver Post, January 21, 2002
by Alyson Ward, Fort-Worth Star Telegram

56.1: Percentage of students enrolled in college nationwide who are women.
12.4: Percentage of board seats women held at Fortune 500 companies.
8.9: Percentage of board seats women held in second-tier companies.
11: According to an analysis of Sunday morning talk shows, percentage of on-air guest "experts" who were women.
20: Percentage of top executives at major news networks who are women.
60: Number of women in the U.S. House of Representatives (vs. 375 men).
13: Number of women in the U.S. Senate (vs. 87 men).
4: Number of women in President Bush's Cabinet.
1: Number of female acts whose albums made Billboard's annual top 10 (Enya, whose "A Day Without Rain" came in at No. 8).
18: Number of women who appear in "Premiere's" Power 2001 list of the 100 most influential people in entertainment.
0: Percentage of the 10 highest-grossing movies that featured stories about women.
4: Number of women in "The Sporting News'" list of the 100 Most Powerful Sports People of the Year (Venus Williams, at 77 is the highest-ranked women).
6,100: Number of the nearly 280,000 career firefighters in the United States who are women.
1: Number of female authors awarded a National Book Award (Virginia Euwer Wolff, for Young People's Literature).
3: Number of women individually awarded a Pulitzer Prize (vs. 15 men).
0: Number of female Nobel laureates.
2: Women who have won the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition since it started in 1962 (Olga Kern shared the gold medal with Stanislav Ioudenitch this year).
12,900: Predicted number of new breast cancer cases diagnosed in 2001.
4,400: Number of women expected to die of breast cancer.
80: Percentage of young women surveyed in 2001 who said they'd rather marry a man who is able to express his feelings that a man who makes a good living.
27: Percentage of women surveyed who said they spend more than five hours a week cleaning their homes.
275: Number of minutes the average women spent talking on her cell phone each month (vs. 372 minutes for the average man).
40.9: Percentage of Internet users who are women (18 and older).

Come to the February Meeting! Special appearances by Debbie Hinden-King and the original club charter

Dates to Remember . . .

February 185:30pm Board Meeting
February 186:15pm General Meeting
April 5-6Area 4 Meeting, Pueblo, CO
October 4-62002 District Conference Cheyenne, WY
All General Meetings, unless otherwise notified, are at:
Gold Hills Substation
705 S. Nevada
6:00 - Social time, 6:15 - Meeting


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