Zonta Club of the Pikes Peak Area
December 2000 Newsletter

From Betty E
Susie, Pam and I have been working on an additional approach to keeping us all informed. Susie will keep on with her super job notifying us of club minutes and reminding us what we have coming up in the near future. Pam Sufak is putting information together for us in a format that is a work in progress. The intent is to bring more personal information to us about our membership and to remind us about coming events.
Many thanks to Susie and Pam, this is going to be great!

Zontians of the Pikes Peak Region! Name Your Newsletter!

Hello Zontian's. Hear your voice! This month it comes straight to your e-mailbox, next month you will find this newsletter on your web page. (See hermes.csd.net/~zonta) This is your introduction, your road map and a tool to speak your feelings and concerns. This is how you may address the entire group, this is your voice to shape and function as you like and to work toward your goals.

This newsletter is yours to reflect your activities back to you for your observation, to inform you of who you are and what you do, and to help you build bridges to each other.

Learn more about your committee's functions and your charitable works. Learn whom you are supporting and how these people are faring. Learn about upcoming events!

Tell us who needs our help and how we can make a difference in the world working together in the name of woman. Keep us face forward and moving toward our goals.

Several features will be presented in a monthly format. We will be delighted to publish an editorial column and include your letters to the editor. Your highlights of the last month, news of upcoming special events, a report from the president, some committee reports, introduction of new members to help you get to know them, and from time to time a column we call Zonta Heartbeats. This month that column features a valued member in our group who is leaving us.

Many thanks to Nawana for the lovely Christmas party in her beautifully restored Victorian home on west Pikes Peak Avenue. The members there feasted on delicious foods, enjoyed the hilarious White Elephant gift exchange and witnessed the induction of Pam Sufak as a new Zonta Member.

Pikes Peak Area General Meeting Plans - Rita Jones, Program Chairman.

Meetings are scheduled the third Monday of each month, 6:00 social time, 6:30 meeting time, at the Gold Hills Substation, 705 S. Nevada, unless otherwise noted.
January Amelia Earhart Speaker: Capt. Susan Healy
February Healthy Hearts for Women
April Elderhostel (Tentative)
May Installation Dinner

Amelia Earhart Dinner - Denver, January 17, 2001 (Area 3 sponsored)

Doubletree Hotel, Hwy 36 at the Sheridan Exit
Silent Auction - 5:30 pm, Dinner at 7:00 pm.
Featured Speaker: Michele Brekke, AE Fellow and NASA Shuttle Flight Manager
Let's have a large group go up to Denver for this special event. Please let Kate Brewster (H - 630-8801) know if you can join us by Friday, January 5th. Your check for $30 needs to be sent to her so total reservations can be made. We'll have car pools, so the more the merrier. This woman spoke at the International Convention and is one dynamite example of our Amelia Earhart Fellowship winners.

The Zonta Club of the Pikes Peak Region would like to introduce our new members, Mary Beth Guevara and Pam Sufak:

Mary Beth Guevara

I was recently able to speak with one of our newest members Dr. Mary Beth Guevara, and here's what I learned about this fun lady! Dr. Mary Beth moved to Colorado Springs in 1993. She was working as an accountant at the time when she met her husband of 4 1/2 years, Jerry. They apparently met in the library at work and he asked her if she would like to join him and "the guys" for a game of basketball. And, not as a spectator but as a player! This gal can "shoot hoops" pretty well! Well enough to keep up with those guys anyway.

A short time later she decided to head off to chiropractic school in St. Louis, MO. Mary Beth had previously completed her under-graduate schooling at Oklahoma State University. (She grew up in Ponca City, OK.) After she received her degree at Logan College in St. Louis she came back to Colorado Springs to open her practice with her now chiropractic husband. Together their practice is Total Health Chiropractic.

In her spare time (not that she has a lot of it), Mary Beth likes to garden and read. She really enjoys reading and learning more about health and nutrition. She and her husband both enjoy outdoor activities, so, for their honeymoon they went on a cruise to Alaska which she "loved"! What fun!!

Dr. Mary Beth is currently taking a Personal Development class, which happens to fall on Monday nights. Unfortunately we won't be able to see her at a general meeting until February. Fellow member Kate Brewster has, however, been going to Dr. Mary Beth for help with her back and has shared information about the fashion show with her. Like a true Zontian, already she is enthusiastic about getting involved and helping with the fashion show.

I know that Dr. Mary Beth Guevara is going to be a great Zontian and a fun addition to our club!

Joanne Metcalf
Membership Chair

Pam Sufak

"Life has been very good to me and I have had more than my share of blessings. I need to give something back, and besides, we are never happier than when we are helping others!" Wonderful adventures as a flight attendant, a model, tour guide, a small business owner and a wife and mother placed her in the enviable position of having almost everything, except her own direction. She had finally settled into the roles of vice president and cleaning lady for the family business of Manufacturer's Representative with her husband, Tony. But she professes her first love and true passion to be in personal development and coaching people to success in home based businesses in nutrition and website development.

After 28 years putting the family first, Pam discovered that she needed to take a more proactive role in building for herself the life that she desired. Because time is a non-renewable resource with many demands on it, it becomes very precious. Pam wanted to make it productive. Unsatisfied to be spending her time as part of social and luncheon groups she asked Kris Wells about the "Zonta" Club she had mentioned so often. The result was to attend as a guest at a meeting and fall in love with the purpose of the organization and the energy and individuality as well as dedication of the women that she met.

Pam Sufak brings an adventurous mind and spirit to our Zonta Group. She is grateful for the warm welcome and truly hopes to make a positive contribution to this small group as well as the larger parent group and to women worldwide.

Joanne Metcalf
Membership Chair

to Karen Pauley

I'll never forget my first trip to Karen's garden. It was a slice of heaven with gorgeous flowers, beautiful walkways and a deep pond complete with fish and lily pads. Such a wonderful respite from the stresses of the world! It was so touching to hear her talk of making the annual seed order over the phone with her Dad every New Year's Day. He started her seeds in his greenhouse in Kansas and then delivered the seedlings to her every Memorial Day weekend. He returned later in the summer to check out the colorful petunias.

I later took four friends to see the garden when Karen wasn't there. It was a great spot for a rest and chat. Thanks, Karen, for sharing yourself and your lovely home with all of us. You will be missed. Good luck in your new flower garden.
Hugs, Kris Wells


I was one of the Zontians sobbing at the District Conference as Betty Edwards presented her with her farewell gift, an empty box, because that's how we would feel without her with us. I told Karen that Texas hadn't seen anything yet, and that she was sorely needed there! Karen always kept us on track, never apologizing for bringing up issues delicately avoided before she joined our club. She reminded us time and again to be involved, to write our legislators, to spread the word. She made me wonder why I had become so passive, after having felt passionately about the same issues many years before. Karen represented the new Zontian, the woman who makes no apology for supporting women's rights, for standing up for what's right, for constantly reminding others of the cold facts. She, more than anyone else in the club, revived my passion and educated me. I salute her for all she has done, for all she stands for, and for all she has inspired in us. She has raised the awareness of the entire district through her work on Status of Women. She has traveled as far as China to support women. Go south, young woman! Texas is lucky to have you, and we will welcome you back with loving arms when you return!
Liz Groothof Croddy


Karen is wholly dedicated to advancing the status of women. She joined Zonta in February of 1995 and by June of 1995 had convinced me that we needed to join with other Zontians and go to China for the Fourth World Conference on Women. I remember how exciting it was not only to talk about going to China with Karen but to imagine just what it might be like. Our adventurous spirits spurred each other on and there was little that daunted us, Our visas finally came two days before we were due to leave and one day before leaving, the group putting the tour together called Karen to say they noticed our visas were not signed.

This might have deterred less dedicated folk, but Karen and I left to go learn about women's problems and triumphs halfway around the world with instructions, "give a copy of this fax to the first Chinese person you see after reaching the Beijing airport." We did just that and for whatever reason, did not have to use our alternate plan of heading to another country if China wouldn't let us in. Karen's involvement in the legal aspects of women's issues brought a special insight into what was happening in Beijing.

I've learned a lot from this special Zontian.

Karen Pauley- A Memory,
from Betty Edwards


My first impression of Karen was that I met an old friend for the first time and realized the miles that would soon divide us. What a feeling of loss for one so newly met! Our efforts to keep in touch will keep Zonta members in the loop as we have invited Karen to submit a short paragraph of greeting, news, or admonishments whenever the spirit moves her and time allows. I know everyone will look forward to those contributions as much as I will!
Pam Sufak

Please send comments and suggested names for the newsletter to sufak1@aol.com (Pam) or nulty@money.org (Susie) or betlow@aol.com (Betty).

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