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May 2006 Newsletter
Volume VI, Issue 5

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from Betty H.

Dear Ladies,

Spring started out as a cold snowy day but now the daffodils are blooming and the trees are showing their leaves, the birds are returning and I am making excuses to be outside in the yard, cleaning and preparing my beds expectantly for the new growth that is to come.

Just so beginning with installation in May, we will have a new group of officers ready to carry us through for another successful and exciting year.

We are looking forward to our first time ever Gala set for January 20th at the Sheraton. There is a committee planning and looking forward to what we can do to raise money to help women in an even greater way than we have in the past. If you are one of those who would like to contribute to this, we need everyone, so ask Laura what is needed or let her know what you would like to help with.

So don't forget our installation banquet set for Margaritas at Pine Creek on May 16. This will be a great time of fellowship and reviewing our past - looking to the future. Hope to see you there!

-Betty H., Recording Secretary

Quotation of the Month
"Experience is never limited, and it is never complete; it is an immense sensibility, a kind of huge spider-web of the finest silken threads suspended in the chamber of consciousness, and catching every air-borne particle in its tissue."
- Henry James, 1843-1916

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Glass Slipper Ball
January 20, 2007

Support your club projects!
Chair and Co-Chair: Laura and Sharon

Sponsors: Gail P. and Rosalie
Silent Auction: Shannon and Janet
Decor: Pam
Flowers: Kris and Susie
Bands: Janet
Printing: Teri and Helen
Tickets/Reservations: Betty H. and Kathy

Sharon R. has already procured an auction item: a watercolor from a local artist valued at about $450! Everyone needs to have their feelers out for stuff like that!! Also, we need ladies to start collecting items for the Mystery Bags (approximately 25). The bags will go for $20 and should be valued at $30-40 (but purchased for much less!!) Go to it all you bargain hunters! Thanks! Yours In Service--Laura S.

Betty's Bits

by Betty E.


Picture this -

So it was that Renee Troppe, Sharon Roggy, Joanne Warner (President, Jefferson County Club) and I appeared at the CU campus in Boulder to find our way to Conference Room 235. This was the first of two panels in which Selma Hadzihalilovic, Project Director of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Anti-Trafficking Community Mobilization Project, was included that day. The topic of 'Stop Human Trafficking' was addressed by Selma and three other young women.

One had to be impressed at the breadth of experience and knowledge expressed by these four speakers. In addition to Selma (see her bio below), there were:
        Jensine Larsen - started a magazine, World Pulse, two years ago, after journalistic endeavors for many years covering indigenous movements and ethnic cleansing in SA and Southeast Asia. She holds a degree in comparative international studies, and has written many articles while maintaining a healing practice.
        Judith Morrison -Executive Director of Inter-Agency Consultation on Race in Latin America. She has extensive experience working on issues and social development in Latin American, and has unique expertise in development programs for communities of African descent. Morrison has a master's degree in income distribution and poverty alleviation.
        Kimberley Thachuk - Senior fellow at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy in the National Defense University. Her research focuses mainly on transnational threats to national security - which includes trafficking. Thachuk has a PhD in criminology, political science, and Latin American studies.

It was very meaningful when the three women above made the point that only one of the four of them was in a personally dangerous position, that her life was in danger all of the time - that was Selma. Selma goes into many small communities helping women fill out grant forms (usually required to be in English) and bringing them knowledge and hope. There are many communities where the men, women and children cannot take a walk in woods, as there are landmines everywhere. There have been mass graves recently discovered near the waterways and water supplies are polluted. She is very concerned about the collateral damage that is brought about by foreign armies being in their country-flourishing trafficking and sex trades along with forced prostitution.

Zonta ranked very high in Selma's presentation. She has been most grateful for the financial support provided by Zonta through the Bosnia-Herzegovina International Service Project. She wanted to know about our members as she finds it important to tell the women of Bosnia-Herzegovina that there are possibilities for women beyond what they have right now. She enjoyed hearing about the different paths our individual Zontians had taken to be successful in business and in our charitable works.

The Zonta International Foundation had contacted Selma and told her we would be there so she was delighted to see us. Between sessions, we spent almost three hours visiting with her and enjoying a lunch together. I truly wish all Zontians could have been at the sessions and lunch, each of you would have felt as proud as we did that our dollars for International Service were being spent wisely!

Some things we learned about Trafficking and its effects:

Some things that might be done to stop trafficking:

Selma Hadzihalilovic
Selma Hadzihalilovic is project director of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Anti-trafficking Community Mobilization Project, a joint initiative of the STAR Network of World Learning and ZONTA International Foundation. She has been a human rights activist since 1993 and has extensive training and experience in promotion and protection of human rights, women's human rights, women's social and political leadership, conscientious objection to the compulsory military service, policy making and advocacy, as well as democratic social changes. Hadzihalilovic's work on anti-trafficking includes training, capacity building, and partnering with community groups in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Balkan region as a way of initiating direct community response to the needs of vulnerable groups and designing appropriate prevention programs. Hadzihalilovic is a core member of Women Waging Peace (Hunt Alternatives and Harvard Kennedy School of Government) and of other various human rights networks on national and international levels.



See more! - Pikes Peak Scrapbook
Area 4 Meeting, Pueblo, Colorado



From our PEP Z Group

Personal Emergency Preparedness Information Sheet
For Zonta Club of Pikes Peak Area

This sheet has been prepared for you by the PEP Z Committee. We urge you to use this as a guideline in preparing for your personal and or business emergency. Your plans should prepare you for home or away from home events. Include plans for pets as well as for family members.

You need to be your own first responder. Plans for three to seven days are suggested. Your personal emergency plan may determine your survival. Follow your plan.

Possible emergencies may include: winter storms, tornados, fires, floods, terrorism attacks, strikes, riots, Haz Mat Events, and flu or other pandemics. Preparations for flu epidemics are much in the news now.

We suggest that you first pack an emergency bag. Use plastic tubs for further item storage.

Items you may want to consider are:
Water, food, paper plates, plastic cups, plastic ware, paper towels, snacks, manual can opener, flash light and extra batteries, battery powered radio with extra batteries or a wind up radio, matches and or candles, whistle, compass, maps, pen knife, cell phone, telephone book, address book, Bible and other books, things to do, scissors, eyeglasses, contact lens case & cleansing solution, solar blanket, cash, first aid kit, sewing kit, hand sanitizer, moist towelettes, toilet paper, "Kleenex", toothbrush and toothpaste, prescription medicine, unique family needs, pet care needs, clothing that can be worn in layers, copies of documents, tools, plastic sheeting, duct tape, garbage bags with ties, sleeping bags, pillows, rope.

Mark your calendar and rotate appropriate items every six or twelve months.
Devote an evening to planning with your family. In an emergency keep your family on a schedule.
In your planning don't open yourself up to identity theft.
Have an escape route plan in place and notify your out of area friends and relatives.
Keep your vehicles half or three quarters full of fuel.
Keep your home and business free from all fire hazards.
Watch the weather for warning signs. Listen to weather reports.
Take First Aid and CPR classes. Buy books and read them on EPP and Survival. Borrow books from the library and read them.
Have a plan for reestablishing your home or business.
Mark and note all shut off's for electricity, gas, water, furnace, electrical box, etc.

Book: Are You Ready? 1-800-480-2520-Get one copy FREE
Internet: (Fema Web Site) and (Mormon Church)
Find sights on your own using Google.
Ham radio operators will get information out when cell service is inoperable.

We will update you with additional information as we become aware of it.

Gail P., Rita J., and Helen S.


May Birthdays
Zontians and Friends* of Zonta

3 - Mary Louise Clay*
10 - Helen Smithwick




Status of Women

Status of Women - Around the World
News from April 2006

Courtesy of Leee O., Status of Women Committee

Don't miss this in-depth resource regarding current information about women around the world!

Index of Status of Women Links


Installation Dinner
New Location
Margarita at Pinecreek
7350 Pine Creek Road
Tuesday, May 16th
Don't miss it!


Installation Dinner
TUESDAY, May 16th

Zonta Founders



Featured Links of the Month!

May Day - Wikipedia
May Day in Europe
CNN: Mexican Boycott on May Day

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Dates to Remember . . .

May 1st - 5:30pm Board Meeting
Tuesday, May 16th Installation Dinner & Awards Banquet
June 24-29, 2006 ZI Convention, Melbourne, Australia
January 20, 2007 First Annual Glass Slipper Ball!

All General Meetings, unless otherwise notified, are at:
Gold Hills Substation
705 S. Nevada
5:30 pm for social and food

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