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June 2004 Newsletter
Volume IV, Issue 6

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from Teri Hermans

Your new Board met on May 22 - what a great ZONTA Team! We have so many extraordinary ideas AND we can only accomplish our goals and plans with your help!

We look forward to moving the Zonta Club of Pikes Peak area to an exciting, forward thinking 2004-05 Year, and we need the help of each member to make that happen! Your talents, creativity, and professional skills are needed on a committee!

We will be calling you to sign up and if you do not hear from us by the June meeting, you may call one of the board members or you may sign up there!

We can accomplish ANYTHING we set out to do because this group has incredible skill, talent and professionalism! The following will not necessarily happen in the next year....but lets think BIG....WHAT IF THE ZONTA CLUB OF PIKES PEAK AREA ...

An exciting list of programs for the year designed to inspire and emphasize the status of women is being planned by Renee Troppe-chair of the program committee, along with Liz Groothof Croddy, Pam Sufak and others of you interested! CALL Renee or Teri to sign up!

Meeting TIME Changes: Please note...Regular Meetings will continue at the Police Station but will begin at

Board Meetings will be 2 weeks prior to the regular meetings, and we will get that schedule out to all you are always welcome to attend!

At the June 21 meeting.....we will have a brief overview of the roles and responsibilities of each Committee available along with sign up sheets. As we all increase our understanding of our part, we will not only be better able to enhance the status of women world wide, but we will be enhancing our own capabilities as professionals and leaders.

See you June 21...the agendas will be sent to you in early June!

Quotation of the Month
"You ask me why I do not write something.... I think one's feelings waste themselves in words, they ought all to be distilled into actions and into actions which bring results."
- Florence Nightingale (1820-1910)

Visit the 57th Zonta International Convention web site!
They have information about New York and the Convention hotel.

June Birthdays
7 - Karen Pauley
8 - Rosalie Dorland
10 - Betty Hudson
12 - Kate Brewster
16 - Susie Nulty
17 - Ava Heinrichsdorff
20 - Sharon Roggy

Member Profile - Bobbi Hamilton

I began life as a robust 11 lb 9 oz baby girl, was yellow as a gourd with long, thick black hair. Have you ever heard a mother say "I don't think this is my baby"? But I was born at home, so she couldn't deny that I was hers.

I married in September following my graduation from high school and had my first of four sons exactly one year later. Other than that I have always been what I like to think of as "a late bloomer".

My husband was a farmer. We farmed 1100 irrigated acres and raised wheat, corn and milo. I was my husbands main truck driver and had a beautiful, big, white tandem truck to drive. I helped with the irrigation and sometimes drove a tractor. When my husband bought an airplane, I was scared to death. I have always had a fear of heights that I just couldn't conquer. So, white knuckles and all I learned to fly that plane and was soon taking my boys and flying around the countryside.

During this time I had a burning desire to learn about investing and the stock market. So I went to the library and checked out a couple of dozen books and over a couple of years, I taught myself enough and had saved up enough money that I began investing in the stock market. To my complete amazement I was pretty good. I soon joined one investment club and helped the ladies at the bank start another investment club. That was a good experience because when I moved to Colorado and wanted to join an investment club, nobody would let me in. I was forced to start my own investment club and soon started a second one. So now I currently belong to two.

Once I discovered I was reasonably intelligent there was no longer any limits on my desire to do everything. I started working as a bookkeeper for a grain elevator when my youngest son was in the fourth grade (Dr. Spock said it was okay). I worked there for ten years and was the manager when I quit. I took a five year hiatus at my husband's request but I hated retirement. During my five year retirement I agreed to take over as president of the Women's Council at my church to try to revive it from its moribund state. And revive it I did. It was a group to be reckoned with when I resigned five years later to start attending college. I still didn't realize I was smart then and so with fear and trepidation I started college as a business major. I graduated Magna Cum Laude. Probably the most gratifying milestone in my life, even above getting my pilot's license.

The summer after I started college I got my real estate license. I liked to say, "I'm a full time student, full time Realtor and an occasional wife". Two years later I opened my own real estate office and one year after that I went to Denver, took the securities test and got my securities license. I hung out my shingle as a Financial Planner also. I always hoped and planned to get the CFP designation but unfortunately life interfered and I never achieved that goal. I was making plans to get my certificate as a travel agent and open a travel agency in my office. I always wanted to do everything. But once again life intervened and I ended up closing my office and moving to Colorado.

Once in Colorado I spent a year and a half helping my husband get the Mountain Man business going. We bought four territories and used those four territories to bring my sons and their families to Colorado.

After our Mountain Man business was going and my sons had all moved to Colorado I started my real estate business in Colorado. It was rough for awhile but I worked hard and have done okay. I started working at RE/MAX All Stars in 1994 and was making good progress when I broke my leg, (compound fracture, all alone, up in the mountains, bleeding, crawling through the snow) and then two years later I broke the other leg. Not quite as dramatic as the first. The doctors said "What is wrong with this woman? Is she a natural born klutz or what"? I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. That was a day to remember.

I now have a Team. Jennifer Lane and Rachelle Staker are two brand new agents that I have trained and now work with me. I moved from Woodland Park to Colorado Springs to be closer to the office These are some of the concessions I've had to make to Mr. Parkinson.

My latest venture is to start a BNI group and to be it's first president. We are the Powers Partners and we are the fastest growing, sharpest and the best. I have also started a new business as a Prepaid Legal associate and have achieved the rank of director.

So what's next? I don't know, but I think I'm up to it.

You are invited to

Auto Clinic of the Rockies
Ribbon Cutting and Open House

Where: 8 S. Wahsatch Ave
When: June 1, 2004
Time: 4:30pm
Please come meet our staff and learn more about our business.
There will be food, refreshments and prizes.
The Grand Prize will be a Grill provided by Spring Spas.

Message from Adrian Davis!

Fri, 14 May 2004 19:02:48
Dear friends, thank you all for your help and support over these four years. This Monday May 17, I will graduate from the Colorado College at 8:30 am. I am excited and grateful for these wonderful four years. You would be very welcome at my graduation. If you can not make it please accept my heartfelt thank you.
Adrian Lauren Davis

Kudos Kolumn

KUDOS to Kate Brewster and Teri Hermans for their wonderful work on the 20th Annual Fashion Show and Luncheon - A Great Success!

KUDOS to Susie Nulty for the wonderful enhancements to the newsletter! I especially enjoyed the links to Helen's homeland and the scrapbook with photos of the highway clean-up crew! - LizGC

KUDOS to Renee Troppe and Betty Edwards for their Big and Little Annual Zipper awards! They are the zippiest!

Here you have the opportunity to thank and/or praise your fellow Zontians for something above and beyond. Send all contributions to the newsletter editor - nulty@csdco.com.

Featured Link of the Month
Today in Women's History

Dates to Remember . . .

June 1 2004-2005 Dues payments to HQ
June 21 6:45 pm General Meeting
(June Board Mtg took place at the end of May)
July 3-82004 International Convention - New York City
July 135:15pm July Board Meeting at Mollica's
985 Garden of the Gods Road
September 24-26 District 12 Conference, Lamar, Colorado
November 8 Zonta International Day
November 25 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

All General Meetings, unless otherwise notified, are at:
Gold Hills Substation
705 S. Nevada
5:30 pm for social and food

Refreshment Schedule for Upcoming Meetings

June '04 Earlene Herman & Renee Troppe Liz Groothof-Croddy
July Ellen Slavitz & openAva Heinrichsdorff
August Ice Cream Social
September Helen Smithwick & Shannon RowanKris Wells
October International Pot Luck Dinner
November open & open Susie Nulty
December Holiday Dinner
January '05 Teri Hermans & Liz Groothof-Croddy Helen Smithwick
February Phyllis Zell and Betty Edwards Betty Hudson
March open & open Susie Nulty
April Sharon Roggy & Kate Brewster Rita Jones
May Installation Dinner

Thank you ladies!

Please send comments and suggested information for the newsletter to nulty@csdco.com.

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