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July 2003 Newsletter
Volume III, Issue 7

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from Pamela Sufak

Hello Zonta Sisters,

Summer is upon us in all its pleasures including a renewed army of Miller moths! We know how fast the warm days flee. I have for almost all my adult life thought of how soon summer would end as soon as it got started. My intention for the past two weeks has been to live fully in the moment and it is challenging and rewarding. I am taking the time to stop everything else and focus on whoever is in front of me. I try to minimize my multitasking tendencies. I discover that my time seems to expand and my communication with people gets deeper and more meaningful. I am richer for slowing down, and maybe the days will last longer. For all of you I hope they do.

Seek a Zontian out and invite her to "tea" this month. We are an amazing group of wonderful women and you will be enriched by the experience!

Zonta Hugs,

Quotations of the Month
"Some leaders are born women."
- Anonymous

"A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform."
- Diane Mariechild

Bits from Betty

by Betty Edwards

The first North American Summit was the weekend of June 19 - June 22, 2003. There were 13 districts represented in the group including our own District 12. We had eight members attending and soaking up various information on membership, public relations, women's health issues, legislative awareness and advocacy, growing clubs, building leaders, Zonta's future, and incorporating international projects into local clubs.

Our Governor, Mary Benoit, took an active role as a presenter for the legislative awareness and advocacy session which focused on the current attacks on Title IX. We all agreed this was an area that Zontians interested in women's sports funding should pay attention to in the near future. There are efforts being launched to cut back on the dollars allocated to women's sports. I have a handout from this session for our club.

District 6 provided a Basic Publicity Guide outlining ways to publicize a club along with samples. I have a copy of this Guide for our club. One idea that caught my attention was to investigate the cost of a voice mail mailbox so we could be listed in the phone book. Also, it might be time for us to invest in a P.O. Box.

The Building Leaders segment focused on D2's Leadership Institute which was responsible for the district's training efforts. It is very similar to our ZAP program but it is implemented outside the board, but responsible to it. This allows continuity of training personnel and training programs. Something our district might take a look at.

The Future of Zonta took a look at membership traits of attendees - marital status, hours dedicated to work/volunteer activities, community involvements, why join Zonta, have you thought of quitting Zonta - why, why did you stay, what should Zonta's mission be, etc. The results of this survey appear to largely track the Zonta world. Our membership is an aging population, target age for potential members could be 35 - 45, members are contributing a huge number of hours to Zonta's work, most joined Zonta because of the international aspects and to provide service, those who thought of quitting said it was due to burnout and too many overall time commitments, and they stayed in Zonta because they believed in the mission and enjoyed the other members.

It was a fast three days and the interactions among the 120 plus attending Zontians was, as usual, fantastic. A really good shot in the arm to 'keep on moving forward.'
Betty Edwards




Her ETA at the Jet Center at Colorado Springs Airport is 12:00 Noon. Entrance to the Jet Center is just north of the intersection at Fountain & Powers. Park at the Jet Center parking lot, come through their office reception area and join us at the tarmac just outside the hanger area.

Having once completed a record setting round the world flight in 2001, Polly completed a mission attempted by the ill-fated Amelia Earhart in 1937. And, she is a charter member of the British Women's Pilots Association, an international group similar to the Ninety-Nines. Many are professional airline pilots. A local chapter of the Ninety-Nines is headed by Diane Rose.

Polly left Birmingham, England on May 6, 2003 and has already flown over the north pole to Alaska and Canada. The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles bid Polly good luck as she departed in her Piper Dakota. She will be the first to circumnavigate the globe solo in a single-engine aircraft. Her daring adventure takes her to over 30 countries and about 35,000 miles. Help us to give Polly a hero's welcome to Colorado Springs as she continues her route over the south pole, Africa to her home base in Birmingham.

WINGS AROUND THE WORLD is an organization providing aid of flying scholarships for the disabled who pilot planes. Proceeds from sponsors of Polly's flight go to this organization.

For further information, call Carmon Stiles Office of International Affairs, (719) 575-4314.

Member Profile - Kathy Fortner

by Dr. Patty Boone

Kathy on Kathy

I am currently the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Development at The Navigators. I have been in this position for 2.5 years, and I love it. In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors - hiking, gardening, walking, enjoying nature. When not outdoors, I like to read.

In the past I taught school for eleven years and really enjoyed it. One of my gifts is teaching. I also worked in Personnel for seven years and enjoyed the people aspect of that job.

The people I enjoy most are honest, sincere and fun-loving!

Zonta gives me an opportunity to associate with other professional women - to learn from them and to share in opportunities to serve women in our community. I hope to contribute to Zonta with my presence, my ideas and my service. I believe Zonta will provide ways for me to grow both professionally and in community service.

I'm not sure how my best friend would describe me (I should give you her phone number!) I am loyal, fun-loving, encouraging and helpful. I am also an introvert, so I don't easily share myself with others. And I do hope to have a positive influence on people.

The guiding principles in my life are in the Bible. My faith is very important to me, and I hope I live up to the principles I have been taught.

I would like my fellow Zontians to know how delighted I am to be a part of this group and look forward to teaming with them!
Kathy Fortner

Member Information


Supplies for WRA/Pikes Peak Family Connections:
Arts & crafts supplies, paper, bubbles, play dough, etc. Please bring them to the July meeting. Susie will collect them for delivery to the Women's Resource Agency.

Service and Status of Women Committee Report:
Members: Ava Heinrichsdorf, Ellen Slavitz, and Kris Wells

Ava did an excellent job of summarizing our international projects at the June meeting. For those of you who missed it or want to read it again, please read it here. This article would be a great introduction for a potential new member. Print it and pass it on to spread the good news about Zonta!

Local Projects Update:

  1. The twelve Zontians and the three Zontos (husbands) who worked at Lucy's house on April 26 for the Rebuilding Together project got their certificates for a job well done! You should feel very proud of your efforts.
  2. We donated 30 used cell phones to the recycling project for victims of abuse. Please continue to bring those to meetings. We'll take them to a state collection site which is Dugan Hearing Center.
  3. Earlene wants to give up her high heels, but they still have lots of good use. Please call Dress for Success if you have clothing, shoes and/or accessories to recycle. Their number is 578-1612. Your donations will help women get prepared for the work force. They'll feel more professional and confident because of your generosity. Remember to tell them you're donating in Zonta's name. That will get you a sticker at the meeting!
  4. The highway cleanup is scheduled for August 16. Our adopted mile is 318-319 on Highway 24 East. We'll see a safety video and enjoy breakfast at Pat Kosley's before we head our there to work. Remember to bring those Zontos too! More details are coming, but mark your calendars now.
  5. Continue to collect those toiletries as you travel. Wash those empty cottage cheese containers and buy feminine products to give to the Marian House. This is an ongoing project, so bring your donations to the meetings.
  6. Greeting card fronts are welcome at the St. Jude Ranch for children. Cut off the verse section and bring those pretty pictures to the meetings. Earlene brought 30 last Monday.
  7. Finally, our August ice cream social will once again have a service component. Please bring journals, paper, pens, markers and or/business supplies for the Mighty Muse Project for Women. Rebeka Shardy spoke at the June meeting, and her goals are our goals - to advance the status of women worldwide. Volunteer creative writing teachers work with women to tap into their inner resources with writing exercises. Call Rebeka if you want to help - 262-0810. They can use tea and treats at their workshops. It's another great way to get Zonta's name into the community.
We do lots of service in the community, but we're always looking for new and exciting ways to help others. Keep your eyes open and bring all ideas to the committee - Ellen, Ava and Kris

Service/Status of Women Committee Report

by Ava Heinrichsdorff

Zonta International is currently supporting three international service projects: Afghanistan, Re-Inventing India and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Our club supports these projects and contributes service dollars. Last year the Pikes Peak Area Club donated almost $1,000 to the ZI projects.

Afghanistan: Improving Women's Lives:
     There are 2 aspects to this project. With Afghan women's literacy among the lowest in the world, the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) has set up a Women's Learning Center and Health Clinic run by women and servicing over 200,000 women and children each year. A new center in Mir Bacha Kot will be established. The second goal will be to reduce the incidence of Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) believed to have the world's worst death rate. Of the 5,400 registered cases (and it is believed that many cases are not reported), there were 4,200 deaths. The Tetanus Toxoid (TT) vaccine prevents MNT. ZI's goal is to provide funding for 35,000 vaccines as well as education for safer, cleaner childbirth techniques. This program is partnering with UNICEF. Read more about this project on the ZI site at http://www.zonta.org/Our_Programs/International_Service_Programs/Afghanistan/Afghanistan.htm

Re-inventing India:
     The violence against women in India, the world's largest democracy, is to us unfathomable and increasing. The project's goals include action-oriented networking, and giving information to women about legal aid, counseling, shelters, health clinics, skill training, and women's legal rights. The media will be used to report and address violence, and promote positive male role models, and to redefine "masculinity" to both men and women. From 1980 to 1990, the number of known crimes against women such as rape and torture by family members increased 74%. Some of the project's work will occur nationwide and others will target 6 states. At the end of this project, a National Workshop will be organized to share information on results and serve as a model for other parts of the country. Read more about this project on the ZI site at http://www.zonta.org/Our_Programs/International_Service_Programs/India/ZontianApr03India.pdf

     The STAR (Strategies, Training, Advocacy and Resources) Network of World Learning's program in Bosnia-Herzegovina against trafficking began in October 2002. The three "P's" are emphasized: Prevention, Protection and Prosecution. Every year 4 million women and girls, and some boys, are brought and sold, worldwide, into forced prostitution, slavery or forced marriage. Victims are isolated, defiled, diseased and distraught. The program coordinator, Selma Hadzihalilovic, says that Zonta is the ONLY organization supporting this specific project. Read more about this project on the ZI site at http://www.zonta.org/Our_Programs/International_Service_Programs/BosniaHerzegovina/BosniaHerzegovina.htm

Kudos Kolumn

Here you have the opportunity to thank and/or praise your fellow Zontians for something above and beyond. Send all contributions to the newsletter editor - nulty@money.org.

KUDOS from Pamela Sufak TO:
...the new members who had the courage to step up to Committee positions.
...to Susie for taking on Finance along with communication.
...to Ava for her great report that took a lot of time and committment.

Featured Links of the Month
U.N. Commission of the Status of Women
and Institute for Women's Policy Research


The New York Convention plans are moving ahead with exciting changes. A website is being established for us to access the latest news, and will be available in about two weeks. After January, there are plans in place for on-line registration. Voting will be electronically with training for delegates. Estimated hotel rates are $163 (single) to $206 (for four persons). There will be an American Bazaar so clubs can sell their products - cost for a table will be approximately $100.

Dates to Remember . . .

July 215:30 pm Board Meeting - Gold Hills Substation
July 21 6:00 pm General Meeting
Program: Understanding Diverse Cultures
by Betty Edwards
September 26-272003 District Conference Billings, MT
July 3-82004 International Convention - New York City
All General Meetings, unless otherwise notified, are at:
Gold Hills Substation
705 S. Nevada
6:00 - Social time, 6:15 - Meeting

Please send comments and suggested information for the newsletter to nulty@money.org.

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