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July 2002 Newsletter
Volume II, Issue 7

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from Kris Wells

Hi Fellow Zontians, Happy July!

"Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life and not something you do in your spare time." - Marion Wright Edelman

This is a quote that Helen gave me at the last meeting. Doesn't it sound like us? Zonta is committed to both service and advocacy for women. Remember that's what makes us different from many other service organizations.

July 15 at 6pm be at the Police Operations Center! The program is not to be missed! Dr. Laura Smith will speak about Afghan women through the eyes of the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan. She will show a 10 minute video, then give a 15 minute talk and end with questions. She'll wear a burkah and we can try it on. This a perfect meeting to bring guests and of course potential Zontians. We'll eat first and then have the program followed by the business meeting. Who will be our Zontian of the year? What will Eva and Betty present about the international conference? Come find out! See you there!

Here's the list for those who like to celebrate:

Pikes Peak Area Club Birthdays:

January 5 - Pam Sufak
10 - Lois Nesselhauf*
11- Suzanna Spears*
15 - Rita Jones

February 19 - Pat Kosley
23 - Kris Wells
26 - Mary Beth Guevera*
26 - Phyllis Zell

March 19 - Eva Mattedi

April 5 - Shannon Rowan

May 3 - Mary Louise Clay
10 - Helen Smithwick

June 7 - Karen Pauley*
8 - Rosalie Dorland*
10 - Betty Hudson*
12 - Kate Brewster
16 - Susie Nulty
20 - Sharon Roggy

August 18 - Gail Piper

September 18 - Patty Boone

October 4- Fran Souchek
23 - Bobbi Hamilton

November 5 - Liz Groothof-Croddy and Teri Hermans
14 - Betty Edwards
24 - Gail Kozhevnikov

December 7 - Janet Fuehrer

*Friends of Zonta

I'm really excited about the committee signups for this new program year. Thanks to all who very generously always give of themselves. Here are the assignments:


The mission of the Zonta club of the Pikes Peak Area is to advance the status of women and serve our community through local and international contributions and achieve personal and professional growth in a nurturing and supportive environment.

President - Kris Wells
Vice President - Pam Sufak
Secretary - Helen Smithwick
Treasurer - Phyllis Zell
Directors -Shannon Rowan, two years / Rita Jones, one year

Nominating - Gail Piper (chair), Phyllis Zell, Liz Groothof-Croddy

Finance -Phyllis Zell (chair), Shannon Rowan

Fund Raising - Gail Piper (chair)
NUTS - Pat Kosley
FASHION SHOW - Kate Brewster/Teri Hermans
Members: Shannon Rowan

Membership - Pat Kosley (chair) Bobbi Hamilton

Status of Women / Service - Mary Louise Clay and Fran Souchek (cochairs)
YWPA scholarship - Sharon Roggy
Members: Helen Smithwick

Program / Fellowship - Janet Fuehrer and Shannon Rowan (cochairs)
Zipper - Liz Groothof-Croddy
Members: Rita Jones (chair of hospitality)

Public Relations / Communications - Susie Nulty (chair), Helen Smithwick
WEB site & NEWSLETTER - Susie Nulty
Members: Patty Boone

United Nations/International Relations - Eva Mattedi and Gail Kozhevnikov (cochairs)

Quote of the Month
"You must do the things you think you cannot do."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Featured Links of the Month
Zonta International 2002 Convention
Colorado Hayman Fire - Incident and Recovery Information

Web Page Features:
Lists of Links and Quotes featured in past newsletters

Service Projects:
Cell Phone Collection
Supplies for Women - Marion House

Please bring any donations to the next General Meeting. Sharon Roggy is collecting cell phones (even broken ones) for the District Service Project - see www.donateaphone.com for details: "You can donate your used wireless phone to support Donate a Phone CALL to PROTECT, which aids in the fight against domestic violence. Wireless phones are reprogrammed with emergency phone numbers and redistributed free of charge to victims in need."

Women's supplies are needed at the Marion House. Soap, shampoo and other samples from your travels would be most appreciated. Also needed are women's sanitary supplies and underwear. Please give these items to Susie. If you would like to volunteer at the Marion House on the 3rd and/or 4th Sunday of each month (7am - 11am), contact Shannon, Helen, Pam, Kris or Susie for details.

Dates to Remember . . .

June 28-July 4Zonta International Conference
July 155:30pm Board Meeting
July 156:00pm General Meeting
August 253pm Ice Cream Social
October 4-62002 District Conference Cheyenne, WY
All General Meetings, unless otherwise notified, are at:
Gold Hills Substation
705 S. Nevada
6:00 - Social time, 6:15 - Meeting

Please send comments and suggested information for the newsletter to Sufak1@aol.com or nulty@money.org or betlow@aol.com.

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