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December 2001 Newsletter
Volume I, Issue 12

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Bits from Betty
Dates to Remember



from Kris Wells


Hi Ladies,

What's the lucky number of this month? It's 3! That='s right, it's 3! Why 3?
Because we have three new members. Isn't that exciting??? Janet Fuehrer, Terry Hermans, and Helen Smithwick will be inducted at our holiday party on December 17. Pat and Bobbi work hard on the membership committee, and I thank them for their efforts.

Our next gathering is my favorite of the year. We'll meet at Phyllis' house at 6pm on Monday, December 17. Bring your favorite drink, an appetizer, a $5 wrapped gift, and old coats, scarves, gloves and/or mittens. We'll trade the gifts according to Fran's instructions and donate the winter clothing Full Circle Alternative. Also please invite your husband and/or a potential Zontian. This is one event the men really enjoy. They get SO competitve about the gift trading, but we don't! See you there - it'll be fun. One more thing: If the weather is bad that night, we'll move the party to Tuesday, December 18 at Susie Nulty's. Thanks in advance to Phyllis for hosting our party.

Pat reports that this is the best nut sale ever - over 1,000 pounds. We exceeded all her expectations!!! Get your money to her ASAP. We have to pay the nut man in California. There are a few more cashews and slivered almonds left, so if you can sell more, get them soon from Pat or at the party. Thanks to our great nutty coordinator, Pat Kosley, who spearheads this huge project.

Our November meeting was dedicated to local service. Kathy Stevens represented Intercept and Leah Rachlis talked about Full Circle. They do amazing work for women in our community, and I'm so glad we support them.

Happy $5 Gift-Hunting!

Quote of the Month
"The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose."
-Hada Bejar

Got nuts?

Eva needs pistachios, mixed, pecans and slivered almonds. Call her cell phone, at 291-1324.

Featured Link of the Month: UNICEF

Bits from Betty

by Betty Edwards

Heard from another 'foreign correspondent' last night - Rosalie Dorland. You will remember that her club is our friendship club (Quaboag Valley, Massachusetts) and that we exchange newsletters. She said how much she enjoys seeing our newsletter on their web site and how much she misses each one of us.

Especially at this time of year, it gives us all such a warm feeling to hear from our past members and know that they are wishing us well. Of course, we remember Rosalie with great fondness as one of our early Pikes Peak Area members and we wish her and her club every holiday happiness.

I have to admit to getting very reflective at this time of year. The leaps and bounds that the Pikes Peak Area Club has made over the past couple of years has exceeded everyone's expectations. The specific growth that comes to mind today is in the area of technology. Can you remember calling trees? The best thing I remember about calling trees is the cute little tree I had on one when I was president in 1990. Of course, it did the job but the time spent on return and missed calls was very frustrating. Compare that with the efficiency of our 'Susie Nulty' and her speedy communications to all of us at the touch of a send button. So, kudos to Susie and email!

Betty Edwards

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Pikes Peak Area Club Information

Dates to Remember . . .

December 5Nut Money due to Pat Kosley!
December 17No Board Meeting
December 17Holiday Party 6pm - Phyllis Zell's home
January 215:30pm Board Meeting
January 216:15pm General Meeting
October 4-62002 District Conference Cheyenne, WY
All General Meetings, unless otherwise notified, are at:
Gold Hills Substation
705 S. Nevada
6:00 - Social time, 6:15 - Meeting


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