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Zonta Store - Coffee

Ground or Whole Bean Coffee $12 - 12oz bags
    Ground, medium:
Whole bean, medium:
        Ground, dark:
Whole bean, dark:

  • All coffee is 100% fair trade, shade-grown, and certified organic
  • We are committed to the fair trade movement and go beyond minimum fair trade requirements
  • Just Coffee always pays above the fair trade minimum cost per pound for green coffee
  • Just Coffee currently works with 25 Farmer Cooperatives in 14 countries in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa
  • To ensure the freshest coffee possible, the coffee is sourced from varying origins during different parts of the year
  • All orders support small-scale farming efforts and assist with development in rural communities throughout the world
  • The Farmer Cooperative Partners are all focused on creating social change within their communities. Your purchases help support their efforts for: gender equality, access to education and healthcare, and promoting sustainable farming practices
  • Coffee is roasted daily Monday through Friday, and often on Sundays
  • All coffee is roasted in small batches - no mass production

All items ordered from the Zonta Pikes Peak store may be picked up at Image By Design in the Bon Shopping Center after confirmation is received.

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