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September 2005 Newsletter
Volume V, Issue 9

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from Diane R.

I hope you're having a great summer. I realized once I wrote that, that I am having a great summer too! One of the reasons I'm feeling so good about summer - and life in general - is that I am focusing on what is really important to me and how I want to spend my time.

I have been reading about making a list called, "100 Things I want to Do Before I Die." The purpose of this list is to make sure that when you reflect back on your life, you'll smile at all the memories and know that you spent your time in ways that were meaningful, fulfilling and made the most of your life. No one puts their profession on their tombstone or, necessarily, their club affiliations.

I have made choices on how to build my career; to marry and have a family; and to consider my club memberships. At a recent Zonta Board meeting, the question was posed, "Are all new members required to attend the New Z committee?" The board was puzzled by the question. Is club membership a requirement? Is club participation a requirement? Is committee participation a requirement and if yes, which ones?

I am not certain requirements can be dictated by any club, but it certainly can be dictated by life itself. My mother, sister, and friend arrived on my doorstep for their summer vacation -- the first Thursday of August. Therefore, I missed the New Z committee and the opportunity to complete the task that was assigned to me. During this family vacation, communication came out on the August Zonta Board Meeting. In my haste, I got the wrong idea about a typo and missed the Board meeting with an agenda that truly interested me. Then to top off my participation as a Zonta member this month, I spent Sunday, August 21st, in the Penrose Community ER with my 17 year old daughter being diagnosed with an appendicitis requiring immediate surgery. There went the Zonta Ice Cream Social!

So as I look back at the month of August, it was a family month not a Zonta month. Do I think I will be expelled for lack of participation? I believe the club is understanding and does not make requirements that members cannot fulfill. But the learning opportunities are boundless and always offer me 100 ideas for my "100 Things" list. If there are requirements, it must be that someone thought it would be important for me to know. So I will attend as much as I can. It's my choice on what is really important to me and how I want to spend my time.

And a new month is already here!


Quotation of the Month
"The glass ceiling gets more pliable when you turn up the heat."
- politician Pauline Kezer

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August Birthday
Welcome to Sophia Noel Jones
born August 23, 2005
at 6:08am
19 1/2 inches - 6 pounds 8 ounces
Congratulations to Alicia and her family!

Status of Women

Status of Women - Around the World
August 2005
Courtesy of Leee O., Status of Women Committee

Don't miss this in-depth resource regarding current information about women around the world!

Index of Status of Women Links

Zonta Founders

General Meeting
September 19th

Special Program: Betty Edwards, District 12 Foundation Ambassador, will speak about International Projects and the progress of the contributions that support them.

Featured Link of the Month!

National Woman's Party
Photographs from the Library of Congress
Friday, August 26, was the 85th anniversary of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote.

In 1893, Colorado became the second state in the country to grant women the right to vote. Wyoming was first. In 1894, the first female state legislators in the country were three Republicans elected to the Colorado House of Representatives. They were Frances Klock and Clara Cressingham of Arapahoe County and Carrie C. Holly of Pueblo County. It was 1913 before the first woman was elected to the state Senate - Helen R. Robinson, a Republican from Arapahoe County.

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Dates to Remember . . .

September 19th General Meeting
September 29 to
October 2
54th Zonta District 12 Conference
Boulder, Colorado
June 24-29, 2006 ZI Convention, Melbourne, Australia

All General Meetings, unless otherwise notified, are at:
Gold Hills Substation
705 S. Nevada
5:30 pm for social and food

Refreshment Schedule for Upcoming Meetings
September Diane R. & Rosalie D. Shannon R.
October International Dinner
November Janet R. & Kate B. Bobbi H. & Leee O.
December Holiday Pot Luck
January Rita J. & Kathy F. Sharon R.
February Pat K. & Betty H. Phyllis Z.
March Pat R. & Laura S. open
April Betty E. & Liz G.-C. open
May Installation Dinner

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