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October 2003 Newsletter
Volume III, Issue 10

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from Pamela Sufak

Hello Zonta Sisters,

Think Autumn, think cold weather, think about squirrels putting in stores for the winter...stores of NUTS. Think about your tried and true customers, but remember the new ones too. Besides being a fund-raiser, this is also a way to talk about Zonta to people who don't know us yet, and earn another ZipperSticker from "Tightfisted Liz!" Remember GO NUTS.

And on another note: We have received an invitation that I feel is important.... This certainly supports our (The Board's) goal of having the Zonta name become more widely recognized in our community. And since we are an international organization I think it is appropriate to answer this call with as many members as possible. If you will be able to attend please respond to me.

Mayor Rivera's International Forum

I would like to invite Zonta to participate in the Mayor's International Forum which will be held on November 5 at the Colorado Springs City Hall.

I have your name and e-mail from the previous Forum which was held in June, 2002.

Please let me know whether Zonta would like to participate. Thank you.

George Boutin
Executive Director
Colorado Springs
Office of International Affairs

Quotation of the Month
"We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn."
- Mary Catherine Bateson

Bits From Betty

by Betty Edwards

Member news - how pleased we all were to see Gail Piper at our last meeting looking fit as a fiddle. Her health problems were no where in evidence - good job, Gail.

Rosalie Dorland, one of our past presidents who had moved to Massachusetts is now back in Denver. We will look forward to seeing her at various Zonta functions where we interact with the Denver clubs. Welcome back, Rosalie.

How proud I was at the District Conference to see Sharon Roggy elected to the position of Area Director, and Kate Brewster elected to the position of chairman of the D12 Nominating Committee. Pikes Peak Area is out there doing our bit to support the district status of women efforts - be sure and tell these ladies how proud you are of them!!

We'll get a full report from our delegate, Kate Brewster, and alternate, Sharon Roggy, as to the business of the conference, but mostly as to the great fun it was - a most rewarding experience.

-Betty Edwards


Refreshment Schedule for Upcoming Meetings
October - International Pot Luck Dinner
(don't forget to bring the recipe!)
November Pat Kosley Susie Nulty
December Holiday Party
January Betty Hudson Rita Jones
February Kris Wells Phyllis Zell
March Renee Troppe Teri Hermans
April Sharon Roggy Kate Brewster
May Installation Dinner
June Liz Groothof-Croddy Earlene Herman
July Ava Heinrichsdorff Ellen Slavitz

Thank you ladies!

Member Information

Visit the 57th Zonta International Convention web site!
They have information about New York and the Convention hotel.

Fund Raising Project

Presales - Order your nuts from Pat Kosley by October 7th!
Nuts will be bagged and ready to deliver by November 3rd.

Prices (all in one-lb. bags):

Cashews, Mixed nuts and Pecans $6.00
Walnuts, Almonds (slivered, roasted or smoke house) $5.00
Pistachio $4.00

Northern Nut Growers Association Nut Recipes
Flanigan Farms Nut Recipes
All About Pecans

Service Committee Report:

Please remember to snag those small toiletries when you stay in hotels. They are really appreciated by the ladies who visit the Marian House Soup Kitchen. Thanks in advance for bringing them to the meetings with your clean, empty cottage cheese and yogurt-type containers.

Kris Wells

Kudos Kolumn

KUDOS to Kris Wells, winner of the Pikes Pike Area Zontian of the Year Award. We were sorry she was unable to attend the District Conference when these special ladies from the 22 clubs are recognized for their service to their club. We were very proud to hear Kate announce Kris' award. Kris contributed mightily to the increase of our community's awareness that Zonta is here and that we have a role in the local and international efforts to increase the status of women. How appropriate that she is now our Status of Women chairman. Thanks, Kris, you do good! - from Betty Edwards

KUDOS to Renee Troppe for remembering the children at the WRA program, Pikes Peak Family Connections - they will love the "bubble-stuff!" - from Susie Nulty

KUDOS to Pat Kosley for her Nut Sales fund raising project! You are Zippy and Nutty! Thank you from all Zonta Members.

KUDOS to Renee, Earlene Ava and Kris for attending the first ever Sencha tea party for the Mighty Muse project. it was great fun, and we spread the news about ZONTA!!!!

Here you have the opportunity to thank and/or praise your fellow Zontians for something above and beyond. Send all contributions to the newsletter editor - nulty@money.org.

Featured Link of the Month
Alta Vista Translation Site (English to Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and these languages back to English)
It will translage a block of text or a web page.

Dates to Remember . . .

October 205:30 pm Board Meeting - Gold Hills Substation
October 20 6:00 pm General Meeting
International Pot Luck!
July 3-82004 International Convention - New York City
All General Meetings, unless otherwise notified, are at:
Gold Hills Substation
705 S. Nevada
6:00 - Social time, 6:15 - Meeting

Please send comments and suggested information for the newsletter to nulty@money.org.

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