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August 2003 Newsletter
Volume III, Issue 8

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from Pamela Sufak

Hello Zonta Sisters,

Whether you are a long time member or a NewZ, these questions may make you think. The answers may give us guidance and help us recognize who we are and what we want. Will you play this game?

Why do we chose to gather together and work for a cause (specifically status of women)?
Why did you join Zonta and what did you think you would get in return for your time?
What do you get, if that is different from your expectations?
What do you see as your contribution to the club and is that satisfactory to you?
Is there something you really want to see changed? Or addressed?

I think the variety of answers would surprise us, and so I would like to request that those of you who wish to participate, send your answers to me - Sufak1@aol.com before our Ice Cream Social or if you wish to remain anonymous, you may mail them to me at 1339 N. Wahsatch Avenue, 80903. Include you name only if you want to.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 10th!

Quotation of the Month
"Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less."
- Susan B. Anthony

Bits From Betty

by Betty Edwards

In the past couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to get news of a few of our members that I haven't visited with in some time.

Gail Piper - as many of you know, Gail has had some health problems in the past weeks, primarily a reaction to toxic mold. She is doing much better and is now getting out and about a little more. We hope to see her soon.

Mary Louise Clay - is feeling better now after a bout with some ill health. Hope to see her soon, maybe at the ice cream social.

Karen Pauley - our long-distance member is making a move from Houston this month or next, to be near her family in Holyrood, Kansas. We wish her well on this big change and new job in the local bank.

Fran Souchek - wasn't able to catch her at home today but heard from a mutual friend that she is attending Colorado Tech College to update some of her computer skills.

Liz Croddy - I made a quick visit to check up on my 'twin' and found her recovering nicely from her recent surgery. Also visited with Keith, who raised more money selling lemonade than his parents did selling garage sale stuff. Way to go, Keith!


I attended the TOWN HALL MEETING on July 11, 8 am to noon, in the Colorado Springs City Hall, which addressed the violence against women at the AF Academy. There were three hearings:
1. Former AFA leadership discussed procedures that were in place at the time of the reported violence.
2. Victim and Witness Services Representatives - AF and local community, including TESSA.
3. Current AFA leadership outlined new procedures including an AF directive called Agenda for Change.

The hearings featured a panel of about eight persons chaired by former Florida congresswoman, Tillie K. Fowler. The questions were very direct and based in part on the previous days meeting that this panel had with victims of sexual assault and current cadets.

Four victims were in attendance with two lawyers and they did not talk much with anyone. I sat next to them at the first session and the main comment I heard them make was, 'they still don't get it.' From what I gathered, they felt that some of the male cadets who were involved graduated and were now 2nd Lt.'s while many of the victims were out of the academy.

One area of frequent reference was the matter of confidentiality. The women victims were in agreement that not having this option would definitely deter victims from coming forward and reporting the instances. Their main point was that after reporting an instance, the victim had to live in the environment where the accused cadet also lived. The AF leadership has instituted this requirement recently stating that without the chain of command knowing about the allegations, they are powerless to investigate quickly and take action if necessary.

It will be interesting to hear the final report of this panel which is due out in September. Will they recommend a different approach to the confidentiality requirement? Will they address the problem of victims not remaining in the AF and the accused cadets graduating?

-Betty Edwards

Victoria, British Columbia, is home to an incredible group of Zontians

by Renee Troppe, new member, Pikes Peak Area Club

I was lucky enough to meet and befriend some of these women this summer. The Zonta Club of Victoria was chartered in April 1968; current member Pat Martin Bates, was also a charter member. They have 22 members, and 6 "Friends of Zonta."

Sue Morgan, who greeted me at the ferry upon my arrival, provided the following information on their fund-raising and the programs this money supports (all the dollar amounts listed are in Canadian dollars).

"Twice a year we hold an afternoon 'Bridge Party' and serve 'Victorian-style tea' (sandwiches and cakes all homemade by members), as well as having a 'bake table' and white elephant table.' We can accommodate 100 people at the bridge party, and we charge $10 per person (includes the tea). Between the bridge, the bake table and the W.E. table, we net around $1,800. The people who attend the bridge party are not Zontians - they are avid bridge players from the community. We now have a waiting list of people who want to come - partly because of the 'tea.'

"During the summer months, we have an 'international dinner,' where 2 or 3 members will get together, plan a menu (usually themed around a recent trip one of those members has been on), provide all the food and beverages, and do all the preparation. Then the Club members and as many invited guests as we can cram into a house will pay $15 each for dinner - and lots of fun. We usually raise about $500 - $600. (The ingredients are all donated by the 2-3 members who are putting it on.)

"Some of the impromptu events have included 'Weekender' clothing home sales, where the Weekender marketer has agreed to donate 10% of the sales to the Club; a benefit concert by a local choral group - our Club committed to selling $350 worth of tickets (at $7 each) to the concert and, in return, the Club received $500 proceeds from the concert.

"The provincial government has control of all gambling, including bingo, and parcels out part of the proceeds to non-profit groups. Our Club receives about $35,000 a year from bingo. There are a lot of rules regarding use of the funds - the money can only be spent in British Columbia, for instance, and our Club has to submit a budget that states which groups are going to receive specific amounts of money. This budget has to be approved by the provincial gaming commission before we can go ahead and give the funds to other organizations. The largest recipient of funds is the Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific (one of the United World Colleges) - our Club gives an annual scholarship for a female student from a developing country. (Our district has an endowment fund at the College, to which all Clubs in the District pledge amounts each year, and our Club gives to the endowment fund out of our personally-raised monies.)

"We give financial support such as scholarships, conferences, rehabilitation, health funding, literacy, and the arts."

Four women were installed during the June meeting I attended. It was held at the Faculty Club for the University of Victoria. The women were all very welcoming and were happy to receive the materials I brought from the Pikes Peak Club including 3 newsletters and Kate Brewster's Program from the Fashion Show and Luncheon.

I have information on how to organize a tea, who does what, and recipes. All of this is included in a manual which this club will share with me. I am happy to share this information with our Club should the fund-raising committee be interested.

Pat Martin Bates is a well-known Canadian artist and world-wide traveler, and, a most interesting person to talk with. She has donated the use of her artwork for many Zonta projects. She took me to the Victoria Gallery of Art, lunch at a pub and on a special tour of the University of Victoria where she retired as head of the Fine Arts Department. Here we are having tea at "Blethering Place" in Oak Bay where she lives. (Renee Troppe)

Theme: Friendship - Bring a Friend!
August 10th 2:30pm

The annual Ice Cream Social will be at Pam Sufak's home. The theme is FRIENDSHIP! Bring a friend. Our Service Project will be for the Mighty Muse writing program and we would like to collect JOURNALS. Please bring writing journals. Many thanks!
Board Members will provide ice cream and members will provide toppings.

Member Information

UN/International Committee Report:

by Janet Fuehrer, chair

As an international non-governmental organization (NGO), Zonta International brings our concerns to the United Nations, suggests solutions, draws public attention to issues and encourages the political participation of our members at the community level. As the newly appointed Chair of the UN/International Committee for the Pikes Peak Area Zonta Club, my intention is to keep you regularly informed, starting with the basics, on how this NGO works and to provide other interesting, pertinent information.

What is the structure of Zonta International?

Individuals are members of Zonta clubs. Zonta clubs are members of Zonta International. Zonta International is divided into geographical districts in order to ease administration, and clubs in specific areas normally belong to a district. At club, district and international levels, a democratically elected board leads the organization.

When was the Zonta International Foundation established and how does it operate?

At the 1984 Convention in Sydney, Australia, the Zonta International Foundation was authorized for charitable and educational purposes and later established as a non-profit charitable organization. Contributions from member clubs and individual donors provide the Zonta International Foundation with the funds to support programs that are improving the lives of women worldwide.

How is Zonta International involved with the UN Economic and Social Council?

Since 1985, Zonta International has had general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), one of six principle bodies that carry out the work of the UN. ECOSOC is responsible for two-thirds of the programs of the UN and serves as the central forum for the discussion of international economic and social issues and the formulation of policy recommendations on those issues. It is charged with promoting respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms. ECOSOC coordinates the operations of subsidiary bodies such as the United Nations Children's Fund, The United Nations Population Fund, the United Nations Development Fund for Women and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Kudos Kolumn

Here you have the opportunity to thank and/or praise your fellow Zontians for something above and beyond. Send all contributions to the newsletter editor - nulty@money.org.

KUDOS from Pam Sufak to Betty Edwards: "What you do with the NewZ's is crucial to the growth of our Zonta, and very much deserves to be shared as much as the Zipper. I am sorry that there was no such introduction when I joined and will look forward to joining you for other meetings, if I am not too intrusive. I feel that other groups should know what you developed for all the right reasons. - Thank you again for following a great inspiration and turning it into a vital part of our club!"

KUDOS from Susie Nulty to Phyllis Zell for being the first one to donate materials for the WRA/Family Connections program! You are so generous - many thanks!

Featured Link of the Month
American Family Immigration History Center
The Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.

Dates to Remember . . .

August 10 2:30 pm Ice Cream Social
***No meeting on August 18***
September 155:30 pm Board Meeting - Gold Hills Substation
September 15 6:00 pm General Meeting
September 26-272003 District Conference Billings, MT
July 3-82004 International Convention - New York City
All General Meetings, unless otherwise notified, are at:
Gold Hills Substation
705 S. Nevada
6:00 - Social time, 6:15 - Meeting

Please send comments and suggested information for the newsletter to nulty@money.org.

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