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May 2002 Newsletter
Volume II, Issue 5

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from Kris Wells

Hello Ladies,

It's May already! And I have only 16 more days of teaching classes, but who's counting? Teachers LOVE school but we all need a vacation. So if any of you are looking for lunch dates, I'm available after May 23.

This month I thought I'd share with you the club report I gave at the area meeting on April 5. You should be as proud as I am of our accomplishments over the past year.

I became President of the Pikes Peak Area Club in May of 2001.

We continue our commitment of 1/3 of our service dollars to international. The other 2/3 we've pledged to two worthy projects: Full Circle and Intercept in Colorado Springs. We've pledged $750 to each of these causes this year. Full Circle is a residential program for female recovering alcoholics and drug abusers. The program began about 9 years ago, and can house up to twelve women who work and pay to stay in the program of 3-6 months which promotes healing, safety and hope.

Intercept is for eighth grade girls who are at risk without strong female role models. Working through middle schools in the Harrison district, the Women's Resource Agency provides ongoing training for girls "at risk" and encourages them to stay in school and avoid drugs and gangs. They then become mentors for future participants. Currently there are 60 eighth graders, 120 high school girls and 4 staff involved in the program. In the five years of the program, there has been a 96% success rate. The responsibility of helping others is often the best way to help oneself.

For fund raising, we have two huge projects every year: nut sales and the fashion show. This year we made $1,750.50 profit and hope to make the same amount with our fashion show. Please come on May 11 at the Broadmoor Hotel. We're selling tickets today!
We presented our YWPA Award to Shelley Abadi of Rampart High School. She got $500 from us at the March meeting. We're very proud of her and her accomplishments.
In March we also celebrated International Women's Day by presenting a real yellow rose to women who are our mentors, friends and colleagues. Our club gave out nearly 150 roses!

We updated our informational brochure, and in the community we tried to spread the good news about Zonta. In October we helped the AAUW with a workshop called "Transitions" for women thinking about going back to college. In August we joined a Cultural Festival at the Fine Arts Center and displayed information. From that exhibit Janet Fuehrer joined our club!!

And we're most happy to report that we now have 6 new members since last year. These ladies are: Janet Fuehrer, Helen Smithwick, Teri Hermans, Karen Becker and Pat Boone. Mary Louise Clay transferred her membership from the Prowers County club. Teri has six yellow balloons to represent each new member.

That was my report - a lot to be proud of - right? See you May 20 at our dinner meeting.

Zonta hugs,

Quote of the Month
"Adventure is worthwhile in itself."
- Amelia Earhart

Member Spotlight - Phyllis Zell

by Kate Brewster

When Phyllis joined Zonta in 1986, she looked forward to making new friends who also worked who understood the demands a job made on one's life. She also hoped to absorb different ideas from other women in the organization, which, according to her, has worked out well.

Phyllis grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, one of three girls born to an ear, nose and throat surgeon and a former interior decorator from Canada. When she was in the 7th grade, her family moved to a farm outside of St. Louis and, to this day, she enjoys and respects rural life.

Although she originally was interested in veterinary school, Phyllis attended college at Wellesley in Boston where she especially enjoyed classes such as Beginning Greek (already showing her love of diversity in learning).

"I spent most of my college life on academic probation," she laughs. "I learned how to play bridge, so instead of studying for my exams, I was playing cards."

Phyllis and her husband Lucian (Luke) were married after her senior year of college, and she completed her final exam from Washington University in St. Louis to earn her English degree. She was first able to join her Air Force husband in Goldsboro, North Carolina, where they lived for 6-8 months. Next, they were stationed in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and over Luke's military career lived in Texas three times and California twice. Phyllis says they made so many trips across country for temporary duty assignments that they decided to "live in the middle" when Luke retired in 1961. Colorado was the perfect place since they have family on both coasts and in Canada.

During the "military" part of her life, Phyllis focused on raising their two children - Chris and Kitty - and enjoyed playing golf. Chris now lives in Dallas and Kitty in Washington, DC. Phyllis speaks proudly of her six grandchildren who are scattered all over the world: Washington, DC, San Francisco, Germany, Dallas, Fort Collins and Calgary.

Phyllis has worked at Chinook Bookshop for the past 35 years, starting as a gift wrapper two hours a day, three days a week, and working full-time since then. She currently works as assistant manager.

When asked why she has stayed with the same business her entire working career, Phyllis said, "Interacting with customers, being surrounded by books, and having close friendships with the staff have created the best of jobs for me. Why would I go anywhere else?"

Reading well-written fiction, scientific and out-of-the-ordinary non-fiction books rates at the top of the list of hobbies Phyllis enjoys when she's not working. She also loves gardening, working outdoors and looks forward to playing golf again after she retires.

Member News

Yes, ladies, I can cook, especially for you!!!
-Gail Piper

It is with great sadness that we print the following letter from Dr. Mary Beth Guevara:

Dear Zontians:
Thank you so very much for the lovely birthday card. I regret that I have not been able to attend as many meetings as I would have liked. Like many new business owners, I greatly under-estimated the time and energy it takes to create a successful business. I'm finding it difficult to honor my many commitments and need to cut back on my activities. Therefore, I am officially ending my Zonta membership for the present time. I've greatly enjoyed meeting all of you and I love your organization. I will still be at the fashion show and will bring my "rowdy" friends from last year. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.
Mary Beth Guevara

Featured Links of the Month
From the Area 4 Meeting Guest Speaker
Topic: POPS - Persistent Organic Pollutants
United Nations Environment Program - POPS
Health Care Without Harm
The International POPs Elimination Network

Fashion Show Just Around the Corner

by Kate Brewster

The fashion show is coming upon us very quickly (as it always does!), and there are just a couple of reminders to send out to all of you.

First of all, as soon as you have sold the tickets you plan to sell, please let me know so I can start gathering information for The Broadmoor. As I said in an earlier e-mail, the final day to confirm our numbers is May 8th, but the earlier I have the information, the easier it is to have an accurate count. To date, 45 guests have been confirmed. Please contact Liz Groothoff-Croddy with the number of people who will be seated at your table so she can start planning the seating arrangements.

Secondly, don't forget to contact either Gail Piper or me with your raffle items information as soon as you have confirmed commitments. We are starting to build a wonderful assortment again this year to tease all who will be attending.

Thirdly, any members who can meet at The Broadmoor beginning at 10 a.m. on May 11th to help set up would be most welcome. We will be identifying and displaying raffle items, setting up the raffle table, putting table favors and programs on tables, etc.

I want to send a big thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make this year's event a successful one. A special thanks to the models that will be "showing off" the latest from In Style - Teri Hermans, Betty Hudson, Susie Nulty, Sharon Roggy and Helen Smithwick. Without you, we would just be having a luncheon!!

If anyone has any questions about our upcoming event, please call me at 630-8801 or e-mail me at CateBrewster@aol.com. See you on May 11th!!

Pictures from the Area 4 Meeting in Pueblo now on-line!
See the Pikes Peak Club Scrapbook!

Message from Adrian Davis

Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 11:25:13
From: ald00@netscape.net

Dear friends,
I am now in London, England participating in the second half of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest London/Florence program. We are studying the city of London as a visual text. Every class period we walk around the entire city studying architecture, history, and the current culture of London. We are also studying theater in London and go to a play almost every night. I am doing volunteer hospice care at the Middlesex hospital in London. With this busy schedule I am also preparing to go to India with the Associated Colleges of the Midwest India Studies program this fall! This experience studying abroad has been invaluable to my development academically, personally and as a global citizen. Thank you for making this experience possible.
Adrian Lauren Davis

CIO Magazine March 15, 2002: Department of BIG, Scary Numbers

5,915: Total number of seats on the boards of directors of Fortune 500 companies
735: Number of seats held by women serving on boards of Fortune 500 companies (up from 685 out of 6,120 in 1999)
434: Number of Fortune 500 companies with at least one woman serving on the board (up from 419 in 1999)
10,656: Total number of seats on the boards of directors of Fortune 1000 companies
1,158: Number of seats held by women serving on boards of Fortune 1000 companies (up from 1,108 out of 11, 085 in 1999)
737: Number of Fortune 1000 companies with at least one woman serving on the board (up from 729 in 1999)

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