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Zonta Wings!

An Escape to Safety and Support

Girls are being rescued regularly from the commercial sex trade. These young women have experienced a demoralizing combination of abuse, neglect, poverty, addiction and violence making them easy prey for recruitment by sex traffickers. Often the only way out of the trade is removal from the people and places where they were held captive.

Who is in Danger

"Child sexual exploitation is the most hidden form of child abuse in the United States and North America today. It is the nation's least recognized epidemic" according to Dr. Richard J. Estes, University of Pennsylvania. In a frequently-cited study titled "The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the U.S., Canada and Mexico" Estes and Weiner estimate that 325,000 are at high risk for recruitment into the commercial sex industry based on a conflation of predicative risk factors such as sexual abuse, homelessness, and involvement in the foster care system.

Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado

Formed in 2008, the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado is composed of concerned citizens and representatives from local authorities and agencies working together to address the needs of victims, raise awareness and put an end to modern-day slavery.

A Missing Link

One gap in services to victims is that of transportation. Often a rescued victim is in danger of being re-recruited through physical and/or emotional coercion if she remains in the local community. Neither federal agencies (FBI) or local authorities (human services, police) have funding available to move victims. That's where the new ZONTA WINGS Program comes in. In conjunction with the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado, Zonta Wings will meet that need for emergency transportation.

Please contact info@zontapikespeak.org if you wish to donate airline miles or use the button below to donate funds. Thank you.

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